Exigo 48W LED Area Light.

  • Series: Exigo™
  • Power: 48W
  • LED Type: Samsung

About this Product

Novolux’s 48W Exigo™ LED shoebox area light is engineered as a fully optimized lighting system, achieving up to 110 lumens per watt. With its advanced optical system, it ensures comfortable, uniform vertical light while minimizing offsite visibility and on-site glare. Its versatile installation options and multiple beam angles make it an ideal solution for parking lots, streets, area flood, and other outdoor applications.

  • Low Cost: Saves 40% energy, 3-4 times longer life.
  • High Efficiency: No diffusion, focused light.
  • Constant Drive: Efficient and stable output.
  • Custom Distribution: Balanced light, minimal glare.


Technical Parameters

Input Voltage

AC 100-277V 50/60Hz

Power Wattage


Power Factor

0.95 or above

Beam Angle


Color Temp


Luminous Flux


Working Temp

-40~45 ℃

Storage Temp

-40~80 ℃


70 or above

Working Hmd

10%~95% RH



Fixture Color

Grey or Custom Color

Light Distribution Curve

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