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What is Dialux?

Dialux is a professional lighting design software popular among lighting designers, architects, and engineers. It helps create accurate, energy-efficient lighting designs for various projects. With Dialux, users can create 3D models of spaces and analyze lighting performance. Additionally, it allows customization of light fixtures and calculation of illumination levels for both indoor and outdoor areas. Furthermore, Dialux offers tools and features to ensure compliance with various lighting standards and regulations. Widely used and trusted, this software is an essential tool for professionals in the lighting industry.

Why use Dialux for Lighting Project?


Dialux accurately calculates illumination levels and light distribution for lighting designs. It offers customization options for visually appealing designs that meet safety requirements. With Dialux, we can calculate energy-efficient luminaire placements and light output levels to reduce costs. Additionally, it provides a 3D visualization of designs, aiding in issue identification and adjustments before implementation.


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